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Welcome to Hair Clippers Professional where you will find up-to-date information, reviews, articles and current pricing on professional and consumer grade electric hair clippers, trimmers, blades and more.

Professional level clippers are typically designed with components and ergonomics engineered for continuous, daily use and often require little to no maintenance. Below is our home page featured list of popular clippers that incorporate these beneficial design elements.

Oster Classic 76Oster Classic 76 - Marble Edition

This clipper is a workhorse. It features a heavy duty universal motor, rigid and durable construction along with a convenient detachable blade system. Power is turned off and on by a toggle switch located on the back end of the clipper housing. The blades are precision manufactured and are available in 13 different sizes.  Optional guide combs are also available as an alternative to multiple blades. It cuts through dry, wet, thick or thin hair with ease. It's built to last and is made in the USA. The feel of it may seem a bit heavy and large for smaller hands. It's perfect for buzz cuts. Also available in fabulous pink, homefront camo, sleek silver and the newest limited incarnation, marble (pictured). For a more detailed, personlized review with video click here.

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Wahl 5 Star LegendWahl 5 Star Legend

This wide-range fading clipper offers a clean and smooth cut via "crunch" blade technology driven by a robust v9000 motor. The wedge blade features longer bottom blade teeth and enhanced taper level for greater length cutting range and flexibility. Weight is aproximately 1 lb, includes 8 attachment combs, blade guard, oil, cleaning brush and a chemical resistant professional grade 8 foot power cord.

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Wahl Stinger Detachable Blade Hair Clipper KitWahl Stinger Detachable Blade Hair Clipper Kit

This accessory packed hair clipper kit in a clear front metal case features the heavy duty, rotary motor driven Wahl Stinger hair clipper. The detachable blade, variable speed Stinger comes with size 000 and size 1 blades. Stainless steel, color coded attachment combs sizes 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", & 1" offer even greater flexibility and versatility. The 9.5' power cord swivels for tangle free handling and easy maneuverability. The on/off dial located on the back of the clipper is also used to adjust the variable cutting speed. Wahl Blade Ice coolant/cleaner, blade oil, convenient blade rack and organizing deck for the attachments combs are all included with the kit.

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Andis Excel 2-Speed Detachable Blade Professional ClipperAndis Excel 2-Speed Detachable Blade Professional Hair Clipper

Featuring a powerful 2 speed rotary motor and convenient detachable blade system, the Andis Excel is an excellent choice for non-stop, light and heavy duty hair cutting. It is maintenance free, extremely quiet, runs cool and easily cuts through both wet and dry hair. Effortlessly cut through extra thick hair with the 25% faster high speed setting. The housing is break resistant and provides ergonomically friendly handling.

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Wahl Professional 5-star Series Balding Clipper 8110Wahl Professional 5-star Series Balding Clipper 8110

Integrating extremely close cutting surgical blades with the Wahl V5000 clipper motor enables the Wahl Professional 5-Star series balding clipper to perform bulk hair removal in a matter of minutes. The end result is a nice balding cut with the benefit of less irritation then you might encounter with a typical razor shave. The cut is even, clean and smooth. The closeness of the cut is equal to about a days growth of hair from a razor assisted balding.

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Andis BGRV 63100 Variable Speed Professional Hair clipperAndis BGRV 63100 Variable Speed Professional Hair clipper

Equipped with a maintenance free rotary motor and a choice of 5 speeds, the Andis BGRV offers exceptional creative control and versatility. Hand fatigue and cord wear are reduced with the BGRV 360 degree tangle-free swivel cord. Although featuring 25 percent more blade torque with its 4 x 4 blade drive, the BGRV still runs quiet, while delivering the perfect cut through all types of hair whether it be thick, course or even wet. Easy to use touch button speed controls adjust the speed and also retains the last speed setting used when the clipper is turned off. The detachable blade system further compliments its versatility and supports any of the Andis CeramicEdge and UltraEdge blades. An optional battery pack (sold separately) for cordless operation is available.

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Wahl Pro Sterling Reflections Senior Hair Clipper 8501Wahl Pro Sterling Reflections Senior Hair Clipper 8501

With its powerful V5000 motor, carbon steel blades and ergonomically friendly design, the Wahl Sterling Reflections Senior 8501 hair clipper offers reliably clean, even cutting and long term durability. The housing consists of sturdy all metal construction complemented with a convenient super-flexible ten foot cord. The "zero overlap" adjustable with thumb lever blade make it an ideal choice for fading or tapering.

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Andis Ceramic PowerFade Adjustable Hair ClipperAndis Ceramic PowerFade Professional Hair Clipper

A powerful rotary motor drives the cool running ceramic blade on the Andis PowerFade professional hair clipper. Ceramic blades typically run up to 75% cooler than comparable steel blades. The fade blade features zero gap capability and is adjustable from a near razor close 1/125" #00000 to 1/50" or size #000. Ergonomically it features sleek and comfortable handling as well as one hand operational convenience with its thumb controlled side switch.

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Oster Professional Fast Feed ClipperOster Professional Fast Feed Clipper

With the convenience of an adjustdable blade, the Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper is a step up from discount store clippers. The fast and accurate cutting action is driven by a powerful pivot motor and easily cuts through thick and even wet hair. The clipper housing is sturdy and easy to handle even in small hands.

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Andis 63965 BGRC Ceramic Professional Hair ClipperAndis 63965 BGRC Ceramic Professional Hair Clipper

Lighter and smaller than most other professional hair clippers with similar or evenly matched functionality and cutting ability, the Andis BGRC provides a top quality hair cutting experience. With its powerful rotary motor and extremely sharp Ceramic Edge blades, the Andis BGRC easily cuts through any type of hair with smooth and even results. It is relatively quiet, sturdy and easy to handle. Blades are interchangeable and the clipper itself requires no maintenance. A cordless kit is available for the Andis BGRC as an optional accessory which is sold separately.

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